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Since we created the world's first Interactive Cinema in 2006, more than 50 million players had a lot of fun playing together almost everywhere in the world. the idea: shoot on a cinema screen to score points. It's like a video game that up to 40 players can play at the same time!

To make it possible, we have developed the patented interactivity software called Salto™: its flexible and constantly upgraded technology which enables us to offer a catalogue of contents increasingly packed year after year, the majority being presented in 2D and 3D format.

The specially offered games are: Desperados, a crazy race in the Wild West (our very first game and since then the most popular one); Trashbusters, an ecological battle against waste of the eighth continent; Sea Safari 3D, a peaceful underwater mission; The Grip of the Undead, an epic fight against zombies.
To enhance the experience, all players are seated on fully customisable, individual, dynamic seats. Interactive guns and special effects (water, wind, smoke, lightning, etc). make the interactive cinema a complete attraction!

Alterface's Interactive Cinema can easily fit to an existing building. It only needs a limited footprint, which reduces construction costs and time of installation. Its capacity can go up to 42 players and it is even possible to double or triple the configuration by setting up several cinemas next to each other.  Also, with the PhotoCapture™ and PhotoStore™ options, the Interactive Cinema generates additional revenue through the sale of souvenir photos.



Examples of lay out:
16/20 seats:
Typical footprint: around 60 m2 (c. 645 ft2)
Throughput: up to 200 players/hour

30/42 seats:
Typical footprint: around 100 m2 (c. 1000 ft2)
Throughput: up to 400 players/hour



60/84 seats (2 back to back rooms):
Typical footprint: around 200 m2 (c. 2000 ft2)
Throughput: up to 800 players/hour

Alterface Projects to produce Plants vs. Zombies™ Garden Warfare: 3Z Arena at Carowinds

Posted on the 30.11.15

Alterface Projects is proud to announce our involvement with Cedar Fair to produce a next-gen interactive attraction at Carowinds.

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The Grip of the Undead

Posted on the 05.04.13

A new title is just added to the catalog of games for Interactive Cinemas of Alterface. Our gory business grows rich with this game reserved for an adolescent public interested in video games.

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It's moving in Mulhouse!

Posted on the 08.03.13

After that of Limoges, the Laser Game Evolution of Mulhouse is the second center of the kind in France to accommodate a 5Di Interactive Cinema of Alterface.

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Posted on the 27.02.13

The first title executed by Alterface with Unity3D. Relief images, science fiction environment and richness of the gameplay make this Alterface stamped title a novelty which perfectly supplements the catalogue offer.

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A first 5Di GAmeBox for LGE

Posted on the 07.01.13

It is in Limoges that the French group Laser Game Evolution opens a first 5Di GameBox of Alterface!

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  • "It was fun and exciting because the ‘best’ and the ‘worst’ scorers were highlighted during the game. I shall not reveal who emerged as the ‘worst’ scorer. Too embarrassing to talk about it anyway. The personnel even captured our best moment during the game. They commented that I looked very cool and steady. Indeed I was."

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